Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Horoscope

I found our horoscope online, thought I'd share:

Leo Mom & Sagittarius Baby

Put you and your Sagittarius baby together, and what do you get? Instant party! This cheerful and active child will resonate to your fiery constitution, and you'll be inspired by baby's seemingly boundless energy. You two will be double-daring each other the moment you step into a Mommy & Me class. Before you get to that stage, you'll savor your baby's infancy. The Sagittarius sense of humor develops almost immediately, so you can hone your silly sense of bathroom humor during diaper changes -- or get your money's worth making funny faces in a photo booth. What could put a strain on this relationship is your trying to tie Sagittarius down. We know you can't get enough of your BFF baby, but it would be unnatural if Sagittarius didn't have a posse of friends and admirers. You'll also have to get used to sharing your child with preschool teachers and babysitters who feed your child's intellectual curiosity. Don't worry, -- you're still number one! And you'll stay that way if you balance your TLC with very long apron strings.

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