Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Self-Imposed Isolation... AKA Cabin Fever!

Grace playing Rock Band on daddy's lap... She can really belt out a mean Eye of the Tiger!

It's not even November yet and I already have massive cabin fever! This isn't a good sign, right? Felix leaves for Connecticut on Sunday, so we've been gearing up for that. He'll be gone a total of 2 months between now and March- and did I mention that we may have another baby coming? Oh, I didn't? :)

I don't want to spill the details yet, but you all will know soon enough... she's due in 9 days. It's just a matter of what birthmom decides to do, so we'll see. And, if you've done your math, this means Felix will be out of state when the big moment happens. Lucky me! Can you hear the crazy sarcasm?!?

We've been keeping away from other kids, sick people, public places, etc. So, this pretty much means we've been confined to my vehice and my house. Like other heart moms out there, I have a bottle of sanitizer everywhere I go- one in my purse, one in my diaper bag, one in my car, one in my husband's car, you get the point... And, I have washed my hands so often that my wedding finger is dry and scaly. Yumm!

DDD has started with feed therapy, and PT and Early Intervention start this coming week. Feed therapy went amazingly well. Grace took a few sips from a sippy cup and a few bites of applesauce. Unfortunately, getting her to replicate it again has been trying.... They come again today, so hopefully we'll try some new techniques.

Grace's teeth are killing her- and me! She cries, and cries and cries, constantly chewing on her hand and fingers. Often to the point where she is gagging herself! Motrin is my best friend.. as is the homeopathic teething tablets/gel.

She seems to be in pain lately around her G-tube spot. I see a ton of granulation tissue, built up right around the insertion site, and it seems whenever we move the mic-key button, she's tensing her stomach muscles and screaming. Is this normal? Does anyone else experience this? Also, every morning between 5 and 6 am, we've been having puke fest, 2009. Literally, every morning... We've tried stopping her feeds at 4 am, stopping them at night all together, upping her Prevacid to 5 ml's before bed... NOTHING! We've gone to bathing her in the morning just to wash the puke from her hair... It's a lovely experience. Nothing like being woken up to the sounds of gagging, puking, and retching. I'm sure it's nothing short of pleasant for her also.

Grace's 1st birthday is just around the corner.... time flies! I've picked a theme, and have a ton of ideas. I need to get over to Michael's sometime soon (maybe later today?) and get the invite materials and stuff. I'll post pictures of my progress at some point. The theme is going to be Winter ONEderland. I plan on having pale pink, silver and white as the colors. Now I'm trying to figure out where to do this! I plan on having 20 adults, 10 kids or so... my house is probably too small. Any ideas? There aren't any true community centers here in Surprise, so that's out... but be creative. I need help! :)

I'll keep everyone posted about our BIG possibility... Till then... Ciao!

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