Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Stitch in Time

My itty bitty boy has shifted into a large, bruise-seeking boy! He is so stinking clumsy! Today at a friend's home (another Anneke....seriously. What are the chances?!?) we spent the hot muggy day swimming. Gavin, ever the curious boy, had his sights set on the other side of the backyard- the sandbox side. I wrapped him in a towel- tight- he insisted, and he walked off to play, explore and discover. A few steps forward, and BOOM! Face, meet pavement. Could my graceful son fall on a flat surface? Of course not! He caught the corner of the curb along with some bonus gravel and sand right above his left eyebrow. Also bit a hole right through the inside of his lip. Poor little man- he was so brave, but he really didn't want to go to the doctor. Unfortunately, although small, the puncture was deep enough to warrant a physician's eye. 

He sat in the waiting room at urgent care, unfazed as blood streamed down his face. He was distracted by the aquarium and eventually settled into a nap while we waited a good 30 minutes to be seen. I was in a swimsuit, a cover up, soaking wet, and now was streaked with old blood. Good times! Finally called back, he handled the shot like a pro. Not even a whimper until the very end, "No More Pinching Me!" We waited for it to numb and then he took his stitch in time. Thankfully only the eye- doc figured he'd just chew out a mouth stitch. 

While getting the debris rinsed out, he broke into a fit of giggles- I heart my silly boy! Hopefully no scar.... Stitch comes out on Saturday. Stay tuned! 

Better late than never...

Better late than never, right? 

This past spring we headed back to LPCH (Stanford) to check post-op status and intervene if necessary (balloon or stent). Despite crazy insurance drama, we finally got approval, only after coming home, but again- better late than never. ;) Gracie's heart looked phenom! In fact, she didn't even have to stay overnight! What a rock star! Gavin was really content to be along this time- so much easier for all of us to stay together, makes it a tad bit more normal in extremely abnormal circumstances. We were able to have some fun on our trip- sightseeing, Golden Gate park's concrete slides, lunches and bfasts out, even seeing the California Academy of Sciences. We visited with family and came home thrilled to have a year or more before we have to be back at the hospital. More updates to follow! Better late than never, like I always say ;)