Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tired of Playing Catch-Up... the Title of My New Book: Procrastination

I am really bad at this. No really, I mean it. I'm REALLY bad at updating this. So many nights I spend thinking about what I could be updating and making sure I remember, or thinking about how I really should be posting about where we're at medically, but time manages to escape me. It's official- I am a procrastinator.

The kids are well- healthy and continuing therapies as normal. I get scared during these "coasting" times- I'm always anxious about when it will be "time" again for Grace's next OHS. Every day I scrutinize her lip color, nail color, etc. I hate to say it, but going to cardiology once every 6 months is far more anxiety inducing than every other month. Sad, but true.

Both kids are walking and running EVERYWHERE! They're literally into everything. Grace is talking up a storm, Gavin's speaking in spurts- it's going WAY too fast!

If nothing else, this post can be a journal entry for me to remember their "language".

We say: Grace says:

YESSSSS! Ssssaaawwwhhhh!

I'm ready I'm wettty

I'm hungry I num-num (while touching her nose) or I knee

Brother Boo-Boo

I love you TU-TU

I love you too TU

Bubbles Pop-Pop

I'm two I Two!

Private Parts Butt

Ketchup/Ranch I want Dip-Dip

She's adorable! I love her mmmmm's the most after she eats something really yummy. I also really like her aaaaah! after she drinks something refreshing.

I recently taught her the Gaga paw... Bad Romance came on in the car, and I thought it only appropriate to teach her how to "put her paws up" for Lady Gaga. She's really got it down!

Gavin is saying Bottle (BaBa), Water (WaWa), and Mama and Dada.

More updates to follow.... sometime this year (maybe).

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