Friday, October 3, 2008

Blind Date

I survived dinner- and had fun! Felix and I, along with our friend's children had dinner with Danelle's sister, Jennifer and her husband Chris. Jennifer's five children, along with several of Danelle's siblings were there, and I got a chance to see the family in action. Everyone is very supportive of the adoption plan and it seems as though everything is going along super smoothly. Danelle brought us a gift that night- a bag filled with six different outfits, two pairs of shoes and socks, a container for baby's first curl and tooth, and a parenting magazine. It's awesome- my first baby girl items! The gift showed us that she's committed as well, which we didn't doubt, but it's always nice to have some reassuring. The next day my neighbor brought me over another new girl onesie- I'm spoiled rotten!

Danelle called a few nights ago needing a ride somewhere, as I made her promise me that she would call me with any concerns, questions, needs, etc. I went to pick her up and got to meet her current boyfriend- he's very nice. I completely approve!

Tonight, Felix and I head to the stores for baby registry. I'm giddy, nervous, excited, etc. I feel like I eat, drink, sleep and think baby, 24 hours a day. I FINALLY have pregnancy head! :) Stay tuned- it appears as though we'll be registering at Babies-R-Us and Pottery Barn Kids.

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