Thursday, January 27, 2011


Such a great evening tonight! After much debate, I managed to get out of the house and attend the Eller Family Heart Council meeting. What a group!! The families were all so friendly, so supportive, and so energized by one another. I left feeling part of a group, finally! Super excited to get more involved.

Today started with Gav's biopsy. Good news, so far. His furrowing (imagine tunnels running down his esophagus) has decreased, but the biopsy will tell us the real results. In a week or so, we'll know if he's in full "remission". If he's in remission, we can safely
assume his allergies are all food-triggered, and we can start introducing 1 new food at a time, with a biopsy between each addition. Sounds long and painful, and it will be, but at least our little big man can start eating something other than Elecare (*hopefully*)! Speaking of my little big man, he cracked me up yesterday trying on mommy's glasses! Check out these silly pictures!

Grace is doing well, she's a full-fledged toddler FOR SURE! We have days where she loves on her brother, giving him continual hugs and grabbing his bottle when he's upset, to days where she's running him over with her Little Tikes buggy, his motorized quad, or hitting him and pushing him away from their toys. She often throws food, but this week we've managed to get more into her belly than on the floor. We're hoping for a BIG growth spurt by the next GI appointment. She's still hovering around the 21 pound mark. We're slowly introducing the potty, although we've yet to have success. Grace likes to sit on her potty, pants around her ankles. Then she stands, wipes, throws toilet paper in the bowl, and waves goodbye to it. CRACKS me up! Hopefully someday soon, we'll have some actual results- no rush, though. I'm on the fence on transitioning her out of her crib. She seems okay with it, still, but she likes to sleep in our bed for naps, or even for fun. She's started jumping up and down in her crib, and I'm starting to worry about injuries. We'll see... anyone out there have any reccomendations?

We got GREAT news at our last cardiac clinic visit. Grace's pressures have improved so significantly they are not even viewable on the ECHO any longer! Woo hoo!! Dr. Shah estimates them to be in the teens/twenties. Considering we were in the 50's/60's pre-cath, I'm stoked! No more viagra for my girl! If we continue on the path we've been going, Grace may be able to hold off on her next surgery until closer to age 5. Let me say that again, because I'm still in shock over it, age 5!!! AGE 5!!! That is AMAZING! I won't be shocked if we don't get there, but at least we've made it a year and a half with no major "zipper" surgeries. ;)

Grace and Gavin's birthday party was a success. Since Grace was sick during her "scheduled party" we decided to do a combo party. Such a fun day! Here's the pics!

We also fed the ducks this past week- Grace said "duck" for the 1st time. Such an experience!! Too bad her favorite word this week is "butt".... :( Oh well, we can't pick our battles. LOL!

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