Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Stitch in Time

My itty bitty boy has shifted into a large, bruise-seeking boy! He is so stinking clumsy! Today at a friend's home (another Anneke....seriously. What are the chances?!?) we spent the hot muggy day swimming. Gavin, ever the curious boy, had his sights set on the other side of the backyard- the sandbox side. I wrapped him in a towel- tight- he insisted, and he walked off to play, explore and discover. A few steps forward, and BOOM! Face, meet pavement. Could my graceful son fall on a flat surface? Of course not! He caught the corner of the curb along with some bonus gravel and sand right above his left eyebrow. Also bit a hole right through the inside of his lip. Poor little man- he was so brave, but he really didn't want to go to the doctor. Unfortunately, although small, the puncture was deep enough to warrant a physician's eye. 

He sat in the waiting room at urgent care, unfazed as blood streamed down his face. He was distracted by the aquarium and eventually settled into a nap while we waited a good 30 minutes to be seen. I was in a swimsuit, a cover up, soaking wet, and now was streaked with old blood. Good times! Finally called back, he handled the shot like a pro. Not even a whimper until the very end, "No More Pinching Me!" We waited for it to numb and then he took his stitch in time. Thankfully only the eye- doc figured he'd just chew out a mouth stitch. 

While getting the debris rinsed out, he broke into a fit of giggles- I heart my silly boy! Hopefully no scar.... Stitch comes out on Saturday. Stay tuned! 


  1. one tough boy! He is getting big.

  2. Uughh! Poor Gavin! I hope there were no scars when the doctor patched him up. Kudos for you for raising one brave boy! I hope he’s not doing some adventure out of curiosity these days. Stay safe, and good luck on raising the kids these year!

    Clyde Kurt @ US Health Works