Monday, December 8, 2008

Sweet Treats

We had our 1st day back to work- albeit only for 4 hours! It was so hard to be away from her- but I know we have to so that we have time to spend with her when she comes home. Grace is hovering around 3 pounds now, with them trying to fatten her up before her 1st surgery. Originally we were given a potential surgery date of next week Monday, but now they're using the 2 kilo weight goal, so who knows when that will be?!? They've put Grace back onto the diuretic which means she pretty much pees non-stop, but this keeps fluid away from her heart and lungs. We've been using the Kangaroo Care model, which allows us to nap with her using skin-on-skin contact. It's the highlight of our days!!! Our neighbor, Blair made cupcakes for the NICU department- what a hit! Everyone was so thankful and the cupcakes were adorable.

We had a meeting with the attorney and Danelle again today and it looks like we'll be bringing an agency into the mix too, so that we can ensure social services assistance for Grace's medical procedures. Unfortunately, the agency is more money, but again, we'll make it through. Every day that we spend with Grace, the more we become willing to do ANYTHING we have to- she's our life now!

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