Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Art of Breast Milk

Another great relaxing day today! I saw the endocrinologist today about breastfeeding- I will be taking so many hormones!! Poor Felix, he'll have to put up with me over the next few months. The hormones and medications and herbs will "fake" my body into thinking it's pregnant over the next 5 weeks, and along with pumping, I should be able to generate some milk. We'll see- fingers crossed! For now Grace is on donor breast milk that the hospital is supplying- thank God for the power of prayer! Felix and I practiced "Kangaroo Care" today. Apparently, it's a type of care where the baby lays on the bare chest of a parent to increase bonding, growth, stability, etc. I had to sit still for approximately 3 hours- but it was so worth it! I could actually feel my energy being taken by her, but I didn't mind, I had lots to give. I'm officially whooped tonight, but looking forward to another quiet day at the hospital. Grace's surgery is going to happen within the next 2 weeks. Grandma and Grandpa from Wisconsin fly out next week Saturday and Sunday is my baby shower. :) Looks like a great week ahead.

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