Monday, December 1, 2008

She's Here!

Danelle had been having some pre-term labor and we had spent many a night at the hospital. They had given her anti-labor meds, but she didn't like they way they made her feel. On our final few nights in the hospital, they thought the baby was going to come- way too early. They gave Danelle the steroid shots to help develop Grace's lungs, just in case. Danelle apparently checked herself out AMA (Against Medical Advice), but we weren't aware- thinking she had been discharged.

I went to work December 1st like any normal day. After work I went with Jeff, Kelly and Felix to Target @ Lake Pleasant to do some last minute Christmas decor purchases. Danelle called while we were there and told me that she thought she may have eaten some rotten linguica- and her tummy was really hurting. I suggested that it could be labor, but Danelle didn't think so. So, we went about our shopping and then went home. Felix was a nervous wreck- he got in the shower, packed a suitcase, and packed baby stuff. I thought he was nuts- he swore he just had a "feeling" that Grace was going to be born tonight. At 10 pm, we got the call from Danelle. Her water broke and the ambulance was on the way. By the time we got to the hospital, Danelle was dilated 10 cm, and was getting prepped for an emergency C-section. Grace was coming- NOW! Jennifer, Danelle's sister, was going to be in the delivery/op room with Danelle, but she hadn't arrived yet. They dressed me in scrubs and just as they were wheeling Danelle away, Jenny came running in. I quickly exchanged clothing with Jenny- here are some funny photos!

Grace was born @ 11:49 pm. She weighed 3 pounds, 6.3 ounces. She scored a 9 and 10 on her Apgar scores. We were over the moon- we were finally parents!! We had no idea what was ahead for us...

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