Monday, August 10, 2009


Sitting in the hospital watching and waiting for healing to happen is painful. It's neccesary, but painful. Sitting in this room for 3 weeks would make anyone go nuts. Grace is slowly, slowly healing. Tasha, a friend of ours that we met in the NICU, came to take some photos of Grace's healing process.

She brought groceries for us (we had an apartment @ the Ronald McDonald House), a candle, a wind-up ladybug and a card from her family. Her oldest is just barely turning 2, and can't say Grace, so she calls her Baby "Geese"... of course we got a card wishing Baby Geese well! :)

We make the best of our time here,

trying to fill it with constructive things to do- helping friends plan their wedding day, filing taxes, paying bills, designing websites, reading our Kindle, text messaging, napping, watching way too much HGTV and holding Grace (of course!) as allowed.

Felix had planned a party for my 30th birthday, but it was before we knew about Grace's surgery. Instead, we had our friends meet us for dinner @ the Yard House and we celebrated with them.

It was nice to get out of the hospital for a little bit- and the cake was yummy!!

As always, and I don't say it enough, we are very blessed by our friends and family. The support you provide us really does sustain us. We feel guilty that we are in a position to be so needy of thoughts and prayers, but cannot wait until we can pay it forward. That being said, we NEVER wish any experience like this on any of our friends.

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