Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet the Team

I figured that with as often as we are here at the hospital, I should include a photo directory of who's who.

Grace's Cardiologist: Ashish Shah (AKA Doogie Howser)- He looks so young, but he's really a great, intelligent doctor. I LOVE his bedside manner, and he's really funny, which helps more than most people realize.

Grace's Cardiac/Thoracic Surgeon: Jeffrey Pearl- Dr. Pearl didn't do Grace's 1st surgery, but he did the "BIG" surgery and will most likely do any further heart surgeries that she'll have.

Grace's Pulmonologist (lung): Rupali Drewek

Grace's Gastroenterologist (stomach): Dana Ursea

Grace's Pediatric Surgeon (general surgery needs): Kathleen Graziano- she's married to one of the cardiologists in the practice that we see sometimes, Joe Graziano.

The PCH team is great- we're blessed to have such caring people so close by. As much as we daydream about someday leaving this climate, the idea of leaving this hospital keeps me close by.

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