Monday, May 5, 2014

Adoption day!

Today I toast Cinco de Mayo with a Mexican beer (ole!) and a huge piece of love for what this day means for us. Four years ago today, the state of Arizona declared the boy who I had held since birth, that I would be, the first person to ever feed him, his forever mother. Vincenzo Carmelo became Gavin Wyatt. Before everyone goes up in arms about the name change... We named Grace Loren. Both her first and middle names- we chose. Her mother allowed and trusted us enough to raise her daughter and give her daughter a name. With Gavin we had a similar opportunity, but I felt so drawn in and connected to his birth parents story, that I asked them to please give him a name. We all knew that name would change to Gavin, we asked their permission for the name before we decided (Grant, Griffen, and others were in the running...) Gavin's birthfather's name is Vince, and Felix's father's middle name is Vincent- Gavin felt like a perfect for to honor the "Vin". Wyatt is Classic American. I like to think we chose a play on my maiden name, Waite, since I was the last of the Waite clan. Wyatt also resembled phonetically my maternal grandfather's first name, Wijbrand (or why-brand). Gavin Wyatt- we loved you before we knew you. You gave us a run in the beginning- but man am I ever thankful for you. Today, the day we became a forever family- know you are so loved. Love you forever, baby-cat. (I'm scratching your hand). Someday you'll read this and only you will understand what that means. You are forever my special boy. 

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