Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Germy Germs!

Uh-oh! The cold and flu season has unfortunately made it's appearance at the Marchese home. Not sure where we got the bugs from, since I'm super careful with Grace, but they're here none the less. We had a fabulous visit with family this week! It was awesome to see my Aunt Debi, an oncology & respiratory nurse @ Oakland Children's Hospital. I was able to pick her brain about the H1N1 vaccine and other quandries. I saw my cousins Danelle, Sean and Megan. Danelle and I had been best friends growing up, spending practically every weekend together. I think the last time I saw her was when she was pregnant with her 2nd child, and now she's pregnant with child #5, so it's been a good 5+ years! Way tooooo long! Megan is exactly as I remember her- spunky and sweet! She is going to make an amazing mother someday. She was a HUGE help with Grace- taking her whenever she was fussy. Sean is a big teddy bear! I can't believe how tender-hearted he is. Obviously I enjoyed visiting with them!

My dad & Anne (my step-mom) spoiled our family rotten! Grace got a whole new wardrobe, including picture clothes. She also got an early 1st birthday present- the rainforest exersaucer. She LOVES it! We all couldn't stop singing the "Red, Yellow and Blue" song that it plays. I have a feeling I'll be singing that for weeks, maybe even months to come!

**Update- it's now like 3 weeks later and I'm still working on this post!!**

It's been a nutty few weeks. We've been sick, and sick, and sick some more. Thankfully nothing serious. I chipped a tooth on Grace's heart beads (don't ask...) and now I get to spend some time at the dentist this coming week, woo-hoo! (NOT!)

We bought a new car this past week. I flat-out refused to look at a mini-van, which is what Felix was angling for, but by the end of the day, I drove off in a brand-new red Chrysler Town & Country. And guess what? I LOVE it! Seriously, LOVE it. I find myself finding small errands to run just to be in my new car.

Grace had her dreaded cath this past Friday. We were told that she would at least be overnight, but to plan for a few nights, knowing Grace. They were going to try to balloon her tiny pulmonary arteries, and possibly stent them. We had put it off because of her stuffiness, but they decided she was well enough to proceed, so under she went. This time we got to watch her fall asleep- very bizarre, I've never seen anyone fall under anesthesia (outside of TV, of course). We sat down and settled in for what was sure to be a 4 hour ordeal, and literally 1 hour later, we saw Dr. Graziano approach us. I panicked- that could NOT be a good sign. But, praise God, it was! She was doing fabulous- they were done, yep, done already. They didn't need to intervene at all, her arteries were growing, so she was on a good path. The conduit that they installed was leaky, but that was fairly normal. Her pressures were good, slightly elevated on the right, but good. They'll probably put her on Cedenafil (Viagra) to lower those pressures, but we'll know more at our November cardiac appointment. She'll probably make it another year or two before we're ready for her next repair- woo-hooo! The best news? They were going to let us go home that same day. That has NEVER happened for us- we were over the moon. We spent 6 joy filled hours in recovery and at a quarter to eleven at night, we ran from the hospital and into our beds at home.

I had the honor of meeting little Ms. Gabriella that day, too. She's as beautiful as her pictures- what great hair! She looked fabulous, and seemed to be in good spirits. I had never met her or her family, but as we were walking back to recovery, I heard a family mention Dr. Shah. I turned my head and saw Kristi. It was a brief meeting, but hopefully we'll have time to chat more in the future. Small world! Please continue to pray for Gabriella and her wonderful family. She's been through more than any little girl should be, and she has a long road including transplant ahead of her.

We finally are DDD approved and ready to go! Our first feeding therapist is coming on Wednesday- I can't wait! Now, we just need PT and OT on board, and we'll be set. Grace's preemie pal, Bree, is finally sitting up on her own. Yeah Bree-Bree! We're good friends with her family and I know they've spent hours working on this obstacle, and Bree is so proud of herself. Hopefully she can teach Grace how to do it! Then the girls will really be able to play together.

I think that's all for now, I'll update more once we have therapy. Blessings to all!

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  1. Bree will sooo teach Grave how to sit up! :) Once Grace sees how much more fun it is to play sitting up she won't be able to resist. Let us know when you're free...we'll run the six houses down to your house!

  2. Great update!!! Thanks! I was jumping for joy when I heard how fantastic her cath went and you went home same day... WOW!!

    Hopefully ya'll stay healthy and strong the rest of the winter. Grace can work on her therapies and you can enjoy time together.

    Isn't Gabriella's family wonderful?? We ran into them at Target a while back after I talked to Kristi about transplants on the phone. Such a tiny little girl full of spunk and personality!