Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm so exhausted this holiday season! I have much to be thankful for, but I can't help but feel like I'm draggin'...

Today was a busy day, not unlike most days in our house. Occupational therapy started @ 9 for both kiddos. I filled out a sensory questionnaire about Gav, and all signs point to Sensory Perception Disorder, not a huge surprise. Gav has to be CONTINUALLY moving, receiving some kind of input on his tiny muscles, or he literally freaks out. It's completely exhausting for both him and me. We worked on a few things today- he loved them! We rolled him up tight in a blanket and then unrolled him, and then swung him in a blanket. What a giggler! After we were done with him, his crankiness set in, but I'd be pissed too if I couldn't eat! Gav was scheduled for his MRI with contrast (anesthesia) this afternoon, so I had to starve my bubs. He did well- such a champ when it comes to anesthesia. We got to visit with our favorite anesthesiologist, which is nice, but I imagine it sounds odd to "non-medical" families to have a favorite anesthesiologist... LOL! He's scheduled for another esophagis biopsy on Thursday, so we may be able to visit with her again. It's the little things... :)

Grace did great in OT this morning, too. She made cinnamon-applesauce ornaments, loving getting messy! She got to spend the rest of the day with Mimi, even making a trip to the park! At the park she learned to kick her giant ball, and even noticed her shadow! When I came home from the hospital, Grace had speech therapy- admit it, you're totally envious of my jam-packed life- and rocked it, as usual. She's becoming so much more verbal. It's easy to get frustrated with her slow and steady pace (desiring quicker results) but when I reflect back just one year ago, the results are seriously AMAZING! Last year, on her first birthday, Grace couldn't sit up on her own, she didn't allow food into her mouth, and she made little to no noises. Today, she's walking, sometimes running (and tripping), eating garlic cloves among other foods, and talking all the time! It's too cute. Her words are mostly mispronounced, but I understand her. I've taken to calling her language, Grace-ese-ian... A combo of Grace, Chinese and Russian.





Dora... Dohr

Love You... Too Too

Daddy... Dada

Gavin... Gah or Gahga

Brother... Bwubba

Bottle... Bobba

Water... Wah

Please... Peas

Book... Booooh

When she kisses us, she'll make the smacking sounds. When she drinks water, she'll say "ahhh" after- like it's the most refreshing thing ever. Too frickin' cute! She often sits in a quiet area saying, "Mama, Dada, Mimi, Gaah".... over and over and over again.

On her birthday, she finally "got" opening presents. Now, she's trying to open every Christmas present under the tree. Good times!

She's become a tiny "bag" lady. She steals my gift bags, uses them as purses, and walks around the house picking up all the random things laying around: hair clips, bobby pins, shoes, socks, etc. At a baby shower we hosted, a mom couldn't find her son's shoe. We looked EVERYWHERE- high and low- sure enough, it was in her bag! She's become a tiny mommy. When Gav fusses or cries, she'll rush over, hug or kiss him and then pat him on the back to calm him. Also, with her baby, Holly, she puts her to bed by throwing her in the play bassinet, then remembers to pick her up and kiss her, then throws her back in (often face down!) and then throws a blanket over her. Nice to know that's how she thinks I put her to bed, right?

Well, that's enough for tonight. I'm plain tired! Good night, world!

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