Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Phone Call...

Felix and I were carpooling with our friend, Kelly Frank, when my cell phone began to ring. It was our neighbor, Blair calling. I immediately panicked- was everything okay? Was the house on fire, or the dogs outside? I tentatively answered and rightfully so- Blair said she had something really important to ask me...

Let's rewind a few months, years- Felix and I had been trying to have kids for some time. I was diagnosed with PCOS, Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (for more information visit and this creating our difficulties in conceiving. After medication, I still wasn't able to conceive- it was time to look into Felix. Unfortunately, Felix also had some infertility issues! We both took medication, tried for months, went into more debt bankrolling our issues, and finally took a break. After months of waiting, we decided to attempt to get pregnant using a donor. After two tries, and yet more debt, we were still unsuccessful. We had one more try left, but we decided we'd take another break- emotionally and financially necessary.

Back to Blair's call- which happened one month after our "break". Blair had a friend who knew of someone that needed to find a family who could adopt her unborn child- would we be interested in meeting with the girl?

Of course we said yes! So, we gave our phone number to Blair and waited to hear back. Blair called within the hour and gave us Danelle's phone number to call, but asked that we wait a few days for her friend to talk with her. And so began the journey of sitting on pins and needles...

Felix's Perspective:
My thoughts were ones of pure excitement. I am the one that puts the cart before the horse, so of course I wanted to know everything. In my mind, I was already picking names out. Anneke of course brought me back down to earth and told me to take a chill and I did. We have had some leads before but surely a friend of a friend was our best yet. Nerves were going at full scale but I can tell you that I could not believe that Danelle was going to come so easily into our lives ,from this point on. We had to wait a few days to meet the woman that was going to give us the best gift ever and this made me so nervous.

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