Sunday, May 17, 2009


It's been an EXHAUSTING week! Grace has been ill, off and on, and I'm thinking that her teeth are to blame. She has an eye tooth coming in and a molar- most kids get those teeth last! The eye tooth is literally poking through the gum, and if I even come near it, she screams bloody murder. She's been puking for a week or so now, pretty much 2-3 times per day, which means extra laundry, extra cleanup and stinky mom and baby. Felix comes home tomorrow- THANK GOD! I always realize how much help he is when he's gone.... I need some respite! It's been an odd few weeks for me. I haven't been to work since January, but I always knew it was there in the background. Now, I've finally officially quit my job, well, my career per se, and I'm mourning the loss of it. Just knowing it was there as a safety net was huge. Grace challenges me with her needs, but it's a different kind of mental challenge, so I have to remember to challenge myself in new and different ways, so I don't go CRAZY!! :)

Felix and I are gearing up for our first overnight away from Grace (well, mine, not his...) as we'll be in Las Vegas for three nights next week. Felix and I plan on spending the week at the pool, doing a few shows, and overall try to enjoy a relaxing adult experience. We're staying @ the Wynn, so I'm sure we'll be plenty pampered. Two weeks after we get back, we're takingmy mom, Pam, Grace and us to San Diego for a week of fun in the sun! We hope to do Sea World, The Wild Animal Park and of course, the Zoo! We're renting a condo that is beachfront, so we'll give Grace her first dip in the ocean! Very, very, very excited.

This week is going to be non-stop! Tomorrow we have her upper GI to see if she is having reflux (explaining the puking spells). So, we'll drive 90 miles roundtrip just to do it again in the evening to pick up Felix from the airport- Woo-hoo! Tuesday, we have the home health nurse and the speech therapist coming for an eval. Wednesday we have the Gastro (stomach) doctor to talk about feeding, her upper GI results, and the possibility of the G Tube. Thursday we have a cake delivery set, and another speech therapy appointment and then Friday we meet with our adoption social worker for a home visit. Aren't you envious of my crazy, non-stop life? As much as it's a crazy one, I love it!! Stay tuned for the the updates as I can fit them in this week.

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